Sunday, April 8, 2012

Intermission post! Happy Easter!

While we're taking a day off from the A-Z Challenge, I wanted to wish a very happy Easter to my readers who celebrate.  Enjoy your eggs, family, and chocolate, but please don't eat the eggs and chocolate together.  Ew.  Don't eat your family, either.  That's not good.

I was just thinking about last year, where my "G" on this day was for Gaga.  I'd bought tickets for a concert in Houston, good seats and everything, and unfortunately my husband couldn't be my date.  After some last-minute searching about a month before, my mother passed the word on to my father that I didn't have anyone to go with, and he had a bunch of time off he could take.  So, he flew down to Houston, and we had an awesome time at the concert.  She's one hell of a live performer.  That memory makes me all warm and snuggly inside, and I'll be sappy for a moment and say that I'll treasure it forever.


xoxo Sarah


  1. GAAHHHHHH! Why didn't you ask me? *G*

    1. LOL! I had a huge list of local friends I went through before I even started bugging my family (they're across the country). I'll keep you in mind next time...but go see her next tour. It's worth the price of whatever you pay.

  2. Happy Easter, Sarah! :)

    I'm having eggs and biscuits together, but no chocolate. Shocking!

    I would love to know, for your blog at some future point, how you find celebrating "major holidays" to be different over there than it was over here. *Am I hinting? Maybe?*

    Have a lovely day!

    1. Oh yum! That sounds delicious. I'll eat enough chocolate for you, don't you worry. ;-) Happy Easter to you, too, my dear.

      Hmm...the holidays seem to be pretty similar over here, although Mother's Day (or "Mothering Sunday" as they call it) was actually last month. It's not the same time as ours. Great idea for a future post!