Monday, March 9, 2015

A-Z Challenge Topic Poll...Help me out!

The April Blogging from A-Z Challenge is fast approaching, and since I'm stumped on a topic, I thought I'd let you guys help me out with that.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the challenge and what it entails, you sign up (click the link above), and for 26 days in April, you blog--the first day you do a post about an "A" topic, the second day you do a "B" topic, etc.  If you blog each day but skip the Sundays, it works out perfectly to 26 days. So yay!  As part of the challenge, it's great to make the effort to hop over to the other blogs in the challenge and say hello.

It's easier to have a topic, because then you're not all over the place or running out of ideas to write about, so help me decide!  Don't forget, each day will be about a different consecutive letter.

Topic idea #1: Things about the United Kingdom.  I spent a few years there, and would love to reminisce about it, both things I loved and things I didn't.

Topic idea #2: Haiku Poems. I won't pretend to be a good poet, but haiku poetry is fun to me.  And I tend to write silly poetry, so there's that.

Topic idea #3: Short story per day.  Each short story would be that...super short.  Really, really, short.  Let's not have any delusions about that. And the topic of the story would revolve around the letter.  I can't guarantee they'll be good short stories, but they will probably be fun to write.  I hope.

Please leave your vote in the comments section, or hop over to my Facebook author page and leave a comment over there.  I'd really love your help!

xoxo Sarah