Sunday, October 23, 2011

Crazy life!

Hey!  More crazy to report.

I'm officially moving as of this coming Tuesday, so that should (hopefully) explain my absence and general lack of sanity lately.  Seriously...the sanity and all coherent thought, as well as any remnants of my poor, beat-up muse, have been leaking out of my ears over the past month.  I can only hope that things return to normal in a month or two.

I hope you'll stick with me, though I won't be groveling - I don't want to get my jeans dusty from all the kneeling, and all of my other pants are packed in our household goods.

In other random news, I'm officially a member of the Maryland Romance Writers!  No, I've never lived in Maryland (and I'm not moving there), but my critique partner, Shelley Greene (seriously, go follow her blog), lives there, and introduced me to some of the other lovely ladies in the chapter at RWA 2011.  I knew then that I'd found a great writing family.

So, I'll be on and off for the next couple of months until we get settled.  I hope to get some more writing done and finish my novella, but I'm not going to rush things; I know my muse will come out of hiding when we're situated.

Until then...Cheerio!

xoxo Sarah