Friday, February 5, 2016

#FoodieFriday: Hawaiian Ham & Swiss Sliders #SuperBowl #appetizer #brunch

I can't believe I almost missed this week! And with Super Bowl Sunday coming up, I couldn't resist sharing one of my favorite appetizer/finger foods. Go, sports!

Before I get to this Friday's food, if you're vegetarian or want to bring something to a Super Bowl party that everyone will enjoy, try my Black Bean Hummus. Trust me--it's fantastic. Bring some blue corn tortilla chips and have at it!

Now for this week's: You've probably heard of them if you haven't already eaten them--Hawaiian rolls stuffed with ham and Swiss cheese and covered in buttery oniony poppy-seedy deliciousness.

Picture from A Musing Foodie
There are two main recipes I've seen, like this one from A Musing Foodie, and this one from the actual King's Hawaiian website

The one from A Musing Foodie is the one I've seen and made myself (the recipe can be cut in half but it's nice to have the large recipe just in case).

There is no downside to these little sandwiches other than how fast they disappear.

As for positives, well...

--You can use whatever ham you like: Virginia, regular, smoked...I'm not sure I'd use one of the very sweet varieties, though (like honey ham) but that's personal preference.

--If you're not in the U.S. and can't get the Hawaiian rolls, just pick up a package of small dinner rolls. When we were in England, I wouldn't have hesitated to use fresh dinner rolls from Tesco--but I would have gotten the mini-ones, not the full-sized rolls. Too big.

--They transport well. After you bake them, just put some foil on them and go! You can assemble them beforehand and bake them when you arrive (they take about 25-30 minutes) if you like as well, but don't worry if you bake them ahead of time.....

--Which leads me to the next big positive--they can be served warm, or room temperature. They're fantastic either way. So no hot plates, no crock pot, no keeping them covered in foil so they stay warm. Just put them out and watch the crowds descend on them like sharks on a surfer.

--If they all don't get eaten (hahahaha), they make great leftovers. I've had them the next day out of the fridge (maybe microwave them for 30 seconds-1 minute first?) and they're just as good.

--They're not just for game-day snacks. I've served them at brunches, and they're always a big hit. They straddle that is-it-breakfast-or-is-it-lunch line so well it's a crime to not have them on hand.

--Kids can help assemble. If you don't want them handling knives or hot stuff, just cut the rolls first and have them put the ham and cheese on them. You can do the butter sauce and oven bit.

Have you had these little sandwiches? What are you having for Super Bowl snacks? Some ham-and-Swiss sliders and black bean hummus, perhaps? Let me know your menu!

xoxo Sarah

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