Friday, April 1, 2011

"A" is for About Me

To kick off the month-long A-Z Blogging Challenge, I'm going to start with something basic.  As a brand-new blogger (I've been doing this less than a month), I thought it would be good to introduce myself to my readers.  So, in the spirit of the A-Z challenge, I will write a little bit about myself for each letter.  I might expand on a few of these in the coming days, so don't be surprised if you see a letter that gets elaborated upon.

A: Age: I'm 28.

B: What size Bed to you own? We have a queen, but I would sell a kidney for king. No, not literally, so if you're looking for one, I'm not your gal.  We would probably have one, too, except that we move a lot (see "M") and never know how big our bedroom will be in a new place.  Queens pretty much fit everywhere.

C: Is for Connecticut. I grew up there, and will likely call it home for a very long time, even though we don't live there anymore.  It's where I went to college.  As a grad and in the spirit of the NCAA tournament, I am a huge UConn Huskies fan.

D: What do you Drive?  I have a weird love of cars that I got from my father.  Currently, we have a Mazda3 and a Honda Civic Hybrid.  Both get great gas mileage, but if I'm being honest, I love driving the Mazda more. It's a fun little car to cruise around in, is a stick-shift, and is a bit overpowered for its size.

E: Essential clothing?  I love a great pair of dark jeans that fit well, as well as some cute shirts.  I have an unhealthy love of graphic tees, especially with something funny or quirky on them.  I also have what some might consider a shoe problem, but since it hasn't interfered with my daily life, I'm not counting that.

F:  Favorite color?  Shades of blue.  I love those.

G: Do you play Golf?  Nope. I agree with the person who said the game of golf ruins a good walk.

H: Is for Husband.  I have amazing one, actually.  I guess H can also be for "High School Sweetheart" because he's that, too.  And "Handsome." Can't forget that. ;-)

I: Do you play an Instrument? Technically, yes, I play the flute, but I haven't picked it up for some 10 years or so.  I'd love to learn the cello, though, and maybe the guitar or piano.

J: What Jobs have you held?  I've mostly worked in the insurance and financial services industry since I graduated college.  My true passion is writing, and that is now my full-time job.  My goal is to be a published author in the very near future.

K:  Kids?  No, thank you.

L: Where would you like to Live?  Hmm.  Both my husband and I enjoy the seasons, so likely somewhere in the Northeast again (Connecticut, New York, or Massachusetts) or in the Rockies (Colorado).  This won't be for a while yet, though.

M: Is for Military.  My husband is in the armed forces, and I couldn't be more proud of him.  The life of an Air Force wife is an interesting one to lead.

N: Do you have a Nickname?  Not really.  There's not much you can do with "Sarah," but both my father and husband call me "Sari" sometimes.  It makes me smile.

O: Is for Only child. There's one of me, which I never really minded.  No one to steal my stuff or get into fights with over things.

P: Pets you own: My husband and I own two cute but evil cats. Or, more accurately, they own us.

Q: Quirks?  Um...I'm not sure I have any, other than being ridiculously picky about how things are done.

R:  What do you like to Read?  Reading and writing go hand-in-hand.  I love anything with a strong story and a lot of detail behind it...historical fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, humor.  The list could go on forever.   Michael Crichton is a favorite author of mine, as is J.K. Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkien, and many others.  I do enjoy a good fun read as well, like The Da Vinci Code.

S: Is for Snark.  And Sarcasm.  I like to combine them both into Snarkasm, especially in my writing.  I love characters with a sharp wit.

T: Is for Travel.  I love to see new places.  We've been to Jamaica, St. Lucia, and a good many locations all over the U.S.  We'd love to get to Europe some day, but haven't made any plans to go because we might get stationed over there, making everything within easy reach.  It would suck to take a 2 week trip to Italy, get all jet-lagged, and then find out a year later that you'll be a 5 hour flight away.

U: Underwear?  Yes, I am a big fan of underwear.

V: Most favorite and least favorite Vegetables?  I really like a good fresh garden salad (yes, I am aware that salad itself is not a vegetable).  Carrots are awesome, but I can't stand Brussels sprouts.  Or alfalfa sprouts, for that matter. Yuck.

W: What do you Write?  That's a loaded question.  Whatever comes to mind, really.  I write contemporary romance, erotica, and have some ideas for a paranormal story or two.  Maybe even a genuine horror story at some point.  And I do both short stories and novel-length pieces.

X: Have you had any X-rays taken?  Besides the good 'ole dental ones?  Yes, of my digestive tract.

Y: A picture of You?  Up on my profile.  The picture you see is of me.

Z: Have you been to a Zoo?  Yep!  A couple.  My favorite was the San Diego Zoo, though I did enjoy SeaWorld San Antonio.  Yes, I consider that a zoo.

Lovely to meet you. *smiles*

xoxo Sarah


  1. Nice to meet you. Thanks for checking out my blog. I look forward to reading more from you.

  2. I love the original approach you have taken to the challenge. I am eager to see what you do going forward.


  3. OMG I'm so glad to find a fellow underwear fan! That's my take on snarkasm!! Ok I'm going now! ;)

  4. @Sylvia: Nice to meet you, too!

    @Elaine: Thank you! I figured it would be a good idea to introduce myself before I started talking about other things that might be relevant, lol.

    @Laura: Yay for underwear! Always a good thing. ;-)

  5. Goodness you've covered the whole alphabet in a day! Great stuff :O)

  6. Nice to meet you! The amazing thing is that so far I haven't seen a repeat for the letter A. I thought for sure I would!

  7. What a great idea for a post! It was fun to read these snippets about you. Sea World San Antonio is totally a zoo! ;) If you're ever in the Chicago area, you must check out Brookfield Zoo---it's a great one.

    Ooh, I hope you do get stationed in Europe---so much wonderful stuff to see and experience.

  8. @Madeleine: Haha, yep! Got it all done in one shot. Just kidding...I did want to introduce myself, though. I just hope I can find interesting things for the rest of the letters.

    @Laura: Nice to meet you, too! I didn't see two "A"s that were the same, either, but I know there will be a bunch of repeat "B"s. I'm doing "Blog" but I hope everyone likes my take on it. I've seen a few other "Blog" entries, too.

    @Nicki: Thank you, sweets! I had fun writing it. I'd love to get to the Brookfield Zoo. Even when we lived in CT, I never got to go to the Bronx Zoo. Boo.

  9. Hi Sara .. I came backwards to A .. and then forwards to ZEE .. but great to read about you .. and yes - I've added my pretty? pic to your growing list ..

    Good luck with all the learning .. this is a great place to be .. cheers Hilary

  10. Great way to start the challenge! I especially like the photo that goes with "E" because I'm 4'11" :D Nice to meet you!

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  11. @Hilary: Thank you for the follow! I'm glad you enjoyed my "A" entry, and I am definitely looking forward to learning more.

    @Jen: Thank you! I love high heels...I'm 5'2", and love to rock tall shoes...but I love flats as well. Nice to meet you, too!

  12. Fantastic post Sarah! I look very much forward to reading your blog.
    On nicknames, having one isn't all it's cracked up to fact, having a nickname has done nothing more than make me dislike my given name. Now it is just a paper name and nothing I associate myself with. We do call my sister Sarah Sasa....
    I also would like to write a novel so I look extra forward to following you. It's on my bucket list. They say you need life experience to write and I have enough for about 10 lifetimes.

  13. Thank you so much, Kathleen! I don't really mind not having a "real" nickname, and I can definitely see if it's not one you're happy with that it would drive you nuts. Make sure at some point you get started on your novel! Everyone has a story inside of them, but so few write it down. I hope you're one of the few who do. :-)

  14. Glad to meet you. And, look at your blog grow!

  15. Thank you! I'm excited about it, and I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. :-)