Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Traditions...

I was wrapping presents for my husband this past weekend, and as I filled out the gift tags with the "To:" and "From:" sections, I paused to think about what I was writing on them.

In my family, my parents never just made out gifts to me (or to each other) from just them or Santa.  No...there was a whole array of people (characters?) who would give gifts, and specific ones at that.  Each one even had their own handwriting.  If you got a gift to you from the Reindeer, you were likely to open something with clothing in it.  The Elves would send something useful, like a requested tool.  Mrs. Claus was likely to give food (chocolate, specialty tea, etc), or kitchen gadgets.

I smiled as I finished writing out the tags, and found myself wondering what holiday traditions others carried with them when they left the nest, or if they had a favorite one they weren't able to do anymore for whatever reason.

Tell me!

xoxo Sarah

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