Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M is for Markets

Ah, the markets.  A lot of the towns and cities have markets at least once a week, sometimes twice.  the bigger ones will have them every day.

A lovely shot of Cambridge Market from Keith Edkins. Not my pic.

Cambridge Market, for example, is seven days a week.

Some in London are even more specific...Borough Market is pretty much just food. It's my idea of paradise, really.  But all are well worth a trip.

Different wares are available, but you can find whatever you want at a market. Food--fresh cheeses, bread, olives, produce--local and imported, electronics, appliances, kitschy nick-nacks, pottery, name it, you can probably find it.

What have I bought at markets? Besides produce and fresh food, I've purchased scarves, small bowls, and a refurbished Dyson vacuum that lasted me the three years we were there.  No, I'm not kidding.

Have you been to a UK market? What did you think?

Up next is N! We're halfway there.

xoxo Sarah


  1. I don't live in the UK, so I've never been to a UK market. It kind of sounds like a flea market, except for the whole fresh food and refurbished Dyson thing. . . so I guess it's not really close to the flea market at all. ;)

    1. It can be very similar! But with better food! :-)