Thursday, September 18, 2014

Interview Time with Jen DeLucy!

Today we have the amazing Jennifer DeLucy, author of the three books of The Light Series, which is getting a serious cover make-over AND a box set! Woot woot!  Maybe, if we're good, she'll even let us see the pretty new covers...

Take it away, Jen!

Tell everyone a bit about yourself.

Oh, man. This question. When I was younger I could have come up with this whole thoughtful answer that seemed completely authentic, but, the truth is, nowadays I’d say I’m this woman constantly growing into and out of her skin. In other words, I have no idea! It keeps changing. I guess I’m someone with feelings to express.

What are your favorite and least favorite parts about being a writer?

Favorite parts? Falling into a story so that I can’t break away and want to write constantly. Also, seeing it published and hearing from readers about their shared experience. Least favorite? Pushing past writer’s block. Keeping the faith when success is slow coming.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to other writers?

This much has never changed: DO NOT STOP WORKING. It may take you a decade to become known or successful. If writing really does bring you satisfaction and it’s all you really picture yourself doing, then you aren’t allowed to give up. You can whine, you can cry and throw things, but do not stop writing new things. It’s the only way you’ll become a better writer and beat the odds.

Do you prefer silence or to have music on when you’re writing?

Silence. I can’t concentrate very well when music is on, but only because I love music so much that it distracts me. I tend to listen to my musical inspirations before and after writing sessions to keep in the mood.

I’m super-excited that The Light Series is getting a make-over! Can you tell us how much input you had in the new covers? What’s the process like?

I had a very heavy influence in the new covers. My publisher worked with me closely, giving me guidance and opinions, but allowing me to pick and choose a lot of the way. The process was super easy when we came down to it. It was the last five years of my aversion to characters on the covers that made me put the whole thing off. But it was just time now, I guess, because it fell together easily for all parties.

Can we get a peek? Pretty please?

You can. :-) Here’s a glimpse of the box set. It’s not the full size covers, but, it’s enough to wet the palette.

That's gorgeous! And how’d you get the idea for The Light Series?

Well, I was obsessed with Harry Potter. (Still adore that series with all my heart.) And I’m also a huge paranormal fan. I love scary things. I’m also pretty spiritual, though, and think there are a lot of plausibilities in this mysterious universe that we can only imagine. So I just wrote from my head and heart what I felt was (mostly) possible if the supernatural and the natural world were the same, with all sorts of creepy and cool things existing among humans with special abilities. I didn’t overthink it initially. I just wrote and learned about their world as I went.

Okay, I have to ask…are YOU a bigger fan of Christian or William? Why?

Ooooookay. Okay, okay! Hah. I promised people I’d answer this question, but I hate to, because I don’t want anybody to think my love is unevenly distributed among my mains. Alas, however…sure, I’ve got a favorite. It’s William. There. I said it. Just a little above Christian, for me. And the reason is simple: He’s exactly the kind of man who would challenge my character without making me feel any less for it. He’d force me to be the strongest version of myself. And though that would be harder, I think it’s a good thing.

I love it! And it's okay to have favorites. :-) Which one of the series was your favorite to write?   

Which book, you mean? Ugh. It’s tough. Seers has the most magic in it, for me, because I was just getting to know the characters and the world, and I was falling in love  for the first time, but Circle was super cool to write, as well, because my writing abilities were amped up by then. My writing and storytelling were far better. Plus I got to research other countries. But, I’d say Seers, because you can’t beat the magic of your first love.
What are you working on now?

I’m working on a book called “Beautiful”, about a very unorthodox protagonist. That’s all I’ll say for now. :-)

Tell us what genres you write in, why, and what your experiences are like writing paranormal romance for The Light Series.  How is the experience different from one genre to another?

I don’t hold myself to any one genre, though I prefer paranormal. The book I’m working on now is contemporary, actually. My experience writing The Light Series was about as beautiful as I could have imagined. There’s just something about the mystery of the unknown and supernatural that feeds my soul. I’ll always love paranormal.
I’d say the main difference between paranormal and contemporary writing is that you have to really work hard to keep the plot interesting in a contemporary book without the novelty and fun of supernatural elements. And to write paranormal, you need to be able to suspend your own disbelief and let your imagination run rampant. You also have to be able to make up an entirely new set of rules that somehow feel believable to readers, where contemporary novels lend themselves to the reality we already know, so they’re easier in that way. 

What was your favorite scene to write in The Light Series books?  Why?

Good Lord…These questions are hard! Can’t I pick a scene from each book? Please? I’m going to say, in Seers of Light, it’s one of the initial training scenes between Lily and William. In Whisper of Light, maybe the grocery shopping scene with Nicole and Christian, and in Circle…I believe the scene involves potatoes.

What scene gave you the most trouble? Why?

I think in Whisper of Light, any scene with Nicole and her dad was tough, just because it was hard to muster the kind of animosity his character put forward, but it was necessary.  

Where can we find you on the interwebs?

Where can we find your books?

Sweet! Thank you so much for being awesome, Jen!

Please go check out Jen's books...they're just as wonderful as she is.

xoxo Sarah


  1. I read The Light Series and fell under Delucy's magic. And Christian? Coupled with William - a girl's got no chance to keep her head on straight. Intense plot, fascinating characters. This series rates 5+ stars.

    1. I know! I hope more people are exposed to these awesome books, especially now that Jen and other Omnific authors are also listed under S&S. :-D

  2. Thanks, Feather. And Sarah! :)