Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Another Fate's Awakening Teaser!

Because you were all so lovely and my Facebook author page now has 300 "likes", here's the promised teaser from Fate's Awakening.  

Meet Jack.  Jack's had a rough night.  Why?  Well, that would be because of chapter one, and this teaser is from chapter two.  

I know...I'm evil.  

Insistent banging roused me from a deep sleep. As the world returned to me, I started to remember the strange dream I’d just had and sat straight up, heart pounding and head reeling. A quick look around told me I was safe in my bedroom in the apartment, fully clothed on top of my navy comforter. I glanced at my alarm clock; it was only nine in the morning, and unless I’d been in a coma, it was Saturday. Rubbing my eyes with the heels of my hands, I winced when the knocking started up again. No, not even knocking. Door torture. Jesus Christ—how much had I had to drink? This was already shaping up to be one bitch of a hangover.
“Jack, are you in there?” Andy sounded like he was ready to take down the door.

Thoughts?  ;-)

xoxo Sarah

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