Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Author Photos! Wahoo!!!

It's nearly been a month since my last post, ladies and gents, but I needed to give my poor fingers a break from the A-Z Challenge.

In the meantime, I've been a busy little bee!  As you may know, I edit professionally as well as write my own manuscripts, and one of the books I edited is coming out in June.  I'll give more details when I have some...but definitely be on the lookout for it.  It's the second in a series, but the subject matter is very close to the very popular Fifty Shades of Grey.  If you enjoyed Fifty, or even if you didn't and are curious about other books in the genre, I think you'll enjoy this.

I've also been given my second book assignment to edit, and I'm very excited to start on it.

Thirdly, I had my author photos taken!

I was lucky enough to fine Rich Ellgen, of Richard Ellgen Photography.  If you're in eastern England, he'll be here for another month or so (I believe until June?), but then he'll be in the Phoenix, AZ area.  Check his website for examples of his work and his contact info.  Email seems to be easiest.  He's a great guy, and did an amazing job.

We shot at the Riverside House Hotel in Mildenhall, UK.  They have some lovely gardens and some fun, quirky rooms and furniture.  Their food is great too.

My friend Lisa did my hair and assisted with the shoot, and I found a makeup artist, Shannon Bennett, who did a great job at making me look presentable.

Rich took a lot of pics, some of which worked and some didn't, but he found about thirteen great ones that he retouched.  The ones posted here are a few of my favorites, but the rest of the photo set can be found on my FB author page, so stop by and give me a "like" and enjoy! I'd love to know what you think of them.

xoxo Sarah


  1. You are particularly gorgeous in that first photo.

    1. Thank you so much! That's what I was aiming for. Now I just need to finish my MS so I can put it on a book. :-)

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  4. fared much better in your author pics than I ;)

    It's an exciting time, indeed, I'm just not a fan of camera work. (my nose is too big, takes up the whole lens ;)


    1. Aw, I'm sure you look lovely! Mine isn't the tiniest, but makeup sure helps. It's all special effects. ;-)