Wednesday, January 18, 2012


There are a couple of bills going through congress now, and they're about internet regulation.

The basic gist is "The bills are intended to strengthen protections against copyright infringement and intellectual property theft, but Internet advocates say they would stifle expression the World Wide Web. In essence, the legislation has pitted content providers -- like the music and film industries -- against Silicon Valley." 

That's from this article.  While, as a writer who is completely aware that my work will be posted for free and without permission once I get published, I do agree that there must be some regulations in place, SOPA and PIPA are not what we need.  Free speech will be stifled, and that's not good for anyone.

So, here's a little animation, courtesy of The Oatmeal, about SOPA and PIPA.  Enjoy! 

Image courtesy of The Oatmeal

xoxo Sarah

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